Convert videos for the Nintendo 3DS

A free online video converter that allows you to convert video files that can then be played back by the Nintendo 3DS. Just upload your file or provide a download link and hit "Convert file". You will be able to download the 3DS file right after the conversion process.

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Optional Settings

Enter the timestamps of where you want to cut your video. The format is HH:MM:SS. HH = hour, MM = minutes, SS = seconds.

Example: 00:02:23 for 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

3DS Converter

To watch a movie that is not recorded by the 3DS is a little bit tricky. Follow these steps:

  1. Be sure that you are using the latest Nintendo 3DS firmware. The initial firmware of our device did not support playing own video files correctly.
  2. Turn off your 3DS.
  3. Take the SD card from the 3DS and put it in the SD reader of your computer.
  4. Open the SD card folder called DCIM->100NIN03. Maybe it is called differently, but it contains your photos you have taken so far.
  5. Rename the file you have converted and downloaded from us on your computer. It must follow the name pattern HNI_BBBB.AVI. BBBB must be a number and the number is not allowed to be the same as the number of a picture you have saved on the SD card. This is important!
  6. Copy the file to the SD card and wait until it is finished. Use your operating system to safely remove the SD card.
  7. Plug the SD card in your Nintendo 3DS and turn it on.
  8. Go to the photo app of your Nintendo 3DS, the app will reread the SD card and you should see a movie icon.
  9. Enjoy!

Further notes

  1. The video files can be located at the end of the gallery with a timestamp from year 1900.
  2. During our tests, the Nintendo 3DS could not play long video files. Therefore we split them after 10 minutes. If you get a ZIP file when downloading the converted file, extract the files in there and you will have several video files. Do not copy the ZIP file to the SD card, only copy the video files inside the ZIP file to the SD card.